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The main materials for fiber optic cable, FTTH, copper communication cable, copper drop wire, power cable, coaxial cable: plastic resin, steel messenger wire, FRP, Aramid, …

+ Plastic resin: LDPE, HDPE, LSZH, imported from BOROUGE, Borealis, Hanwha, SCG,… - world leader in the manufacture of plastic for wire and  cable with confirmed quality in variety products such as LE8707, HE6062; HE1106, 850BK, 2001WC, etc.. Application: cable sheath.
+ Galvanized steel messenger wire: Steel wire 0.30mm; 0.45mm; 1.20mm; 2.60mm, strand wire 7/0.33mm; 7/0.40mm; 7/1.0mm; 7/1.2mm; 7/1,6mm,…Application: reinforcing messenger wire of  cable.
+ Non-metallic wire FRP:  reinforcing messenger wire for non-metallic cable.
+ Galvanized steel wire: diameter from 1.80mm to 4.50mm, application: ACSR.
+ Other materials: aluminum tae, PET tape, aramid yarn, steel tape, filling jelly compound, tube filling compound … application: for copper cable, coaxial cable and optical cable.
Aquaquick 2000 is multifunctional industrial cleanser-Degreaser, suitable for the removal and elimination of all kinds of hydrocarbons ( Oil, Fuels, Greases etc.) AQUAQUICK 2000   is 100 % biodegradable, harmless in use and does not cause any particular health risks.
Smart appliances with new stand out features: automatic, convenient, diverse, energy saving, installing easily and diverse apply for apartments, restaurants, hotels, ..
Reinforced steel wire rope used in construction, harbor, BTS; Steel material for manufacturing electrodes, welding wire and other metallic products.

+ Reinforced steel wire rope: constructions: 1 x 7, 1 x 19, 6 x 19, 6 x 37, 6 x 36, used for telecommunication station, construction equipment, harbor.
+ Alloy steel, non-alloy steel: used in manufacturing electrodes, welding wire: ER70S-6, SWRY11.
+ Other metallic products: aluminum foil, aluminum bobbin in textile industry.
Variety kinds of machines and equipment, production line of plastic, mechanic, electricity and rubber industry.

-       Plastic and packing industry: Injection Molding Machines, weaving machine, extrusion line, labeling machine, printer..
-       Construction machines: electric hoist, chains hoist, tower crane,..
-       Mechanical machines: Press machine, lathe, Machine for making fan, double twist machine, drawing machine, CNC  machine…
-       Rubber machine: rubber mixing machine, grinder,.…